Queen's Beach

Queen's Beach is 350m long and accessible only from the sea. It is a jewel of the Montenegrin Riviera, fenced with a natural hill of high sediment cliffs. For it's unusual beauty and very clean water it was a favorite place of the Montenegrin Queen Milena (1847 – 1923).
Tenderska komisija za prodaju i valorizaciju lokaliteta "Kraljičina plaža"


Obavještavaju se sva zainteresovana lica i zainteresovani ponuđači da je Tenderska Komisija za prodaju i valorizaciju lokaliteta „Kraljičina plaža“ donijela Odluku o produženju roka za podnošenje ponuda, broj:031/1770 od 18. decembra 2012. godine.

U skladu sa navedenim, rok za podnošenje ponuda je 11.02.2013. godine do 17:00 časova po lokalnom vremenu.

Otvaranje ponuda izvršiće se dana 11.02.2013.godine, sa početkom u 17:00časova po lokalnom vremenu.

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Public Invitation

Tender For The Sale And Commercialisation of The "Kraljičina Plaža" Location

The subject of the Tender is the sale of real estate indicated as the cadastre parcel 1278/7 in the relevant cadastre records, covering the area of 188,779m² registered in the deed of title number 273 CM Mišići in the Municipality of Bar and cadastre parcel 1276/13, covering the area of 234,994m² registered in the deed of title number 234 CM Buljarica II in the Municipality of Budva for the purpose of constructing an up-scale, top quality touristic complex of mixed use including hotel facilities, leisure facilities, villas, apartments and yacht berthing facilities.


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Public Invitation


City of Bar

BarBar is a city situated in the southern region of the Montenegrin coast, at the foot of Mount Rumija (1600 m), at 42°6' northern latitude and 19°6' eastern longitude and an altitude of 4 m. It is 180 km far from the Strait of Otranto. The surface area of the municipality, with Bar as its center, is 505 km². According to the 2011 census, its population is 42,368.

The climate in Bar is Mediterranean. The average winter temperature is 9.1 °C, while the average summer temperature is 20.7 °C. The city of Bar has almost 270 sunny days or 2500 sunny hours during the year, which makes it the sunniest city of the Mediterranean. The average rainfall is 1715 mm and the most frequent winds are the north and south wind.

Bar Municipality areaBar has more than 46 kilometers of coast, with 20 beaches that have a total of 9 kilometers in length. The maximum depth of the sea is 430 m and the average water temperature in July is 23.2 °C. The salinity is 38.2%, transparency 5 m and tide wave 30-48 cm.

The surface area of 128 km² of the Skadar Lake (total surface is 370 km²) belongs to the Municipality of Bar.

The area around Bar abounds in Mediterranean vegetation. There are about 85000 olive trees and almost 40000 fruit trees in Bar. One olive tree near the Old town of Bar is more than 2000 years old.

Projects Open For Investments
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White letter by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism