Queen's Beach

Queen's Beach is 350m long and accessible only from the sea. It is a jewel of the Montenegrin Riviera, fenced with a natural hill of high sediment cliffs. For it's unusual beauty and very clean water it was a favorite place of the Montenegrin Queen Milena (1847 – 1923).
Tenderska komisija za prodaju i valorizaciju lokaliteta "Kraljičina plaža"


Obavještavaju se sva zainteresovana lica i zainteresovani ponuđači da je Tenderska Komisija za prodaju i valorizaciju lokaliteta „Kraljičina plaža“ donijela Odluku o produženju roka za podnošenje ponuda, broj:031/1770 od 18. decembra 2012. godine.

U skladu sa navedenim, rok za podnošenje ponuda je 11.02.2013. godine do 17:00 časova po lokalnom vremenu.

Otvaranje ponuda izvršiće se dana 11.02.2013.godine, sa početkom u 17:00časova po lokalnom vremenu.

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Public Invitation

Tender For The Sale And Commercialisation of The "Kraljičina Plaža" Location

The subject of the Tender is the sale of real estate indicated as the cadastre parcel 1278/7 in the relevant cadastre records, covering the area of 188,779m² registered in the deed of title number 273 CM Mišići in the Municipality of Bar and cadastre parcel 1276/13, covering the area of 234,994m² registered in the deed of title number 234 CM Buljarica II in the Municipality of Budva for the purpose of constructing an up-scale, top quality touristic complex of mixed use including hotel facilities, leisure facilities, villas, apartments and yacht berthing facilities.


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Public Invitation



Relevant Zoning Documents



State Study of Location 50 and 51

Municipality of Budva – outer shore

Sector number: 50 Dubovica
Primary land uses Undeveloped shore (rocks)
Protection guidelines Preservation of the authentic landscape of the rocky coastline

Municipality of Bar – Zone of Čanj (inlet of Perčin and Čanj)

Sector number: 50 Cape Rt - Čanj – Crni Rt
Primary land uses The swimming area in the inlet of Perčin with a seasonal mooring
Undeveloped shore (rocks and maquis)

Swimming area of Čanj with a functional hinterland and mooring
Tourism complexes Čanj 1 and 2
Undeveloped shore (rocks and maquis) with beaches for day trips
Guidelines for swimming areas Public – partly developed swimming area Perčin
Public – developed swimming area Čanj, with parts for the hotels in the hinterland (not more than 50%)
Natural swimming areas on the rocky shore
Protection guidelines Preservation of the authentic landscape, rocky shore and Mediterranean vegetation in the hinterland

State Study of Location 51

The core goals of spatial planning have been declared through:

  • Protection and improvement of basic natural resources in tourism – primarily those of maritime zone and coastal area, from all sorts of degradation – through unplanned construction and construction exceeding spatial capacities, degradation of coastal and hinterland scenery, discharge of waste waters and dangerous substances into the sea, by neglecting the maintenance of beaches and utility unfitness thereof, destroying olive trees and forests, setting up stone pits etc.
  • Improving existing and introducing new aspect of tourism: holiday-recreational, sport-recreational, events related and business tourism with significant prolongation of tourism season; rehabilitation, adaptation, reconstruction and modernization of tourism accommodation facilities and gastronomy facilities, aiming at improving categorization of facilities in line with the world standards for services, improving the level of occupancy rate and efficiency of economy; organizing a unique offer of tourism places (tourist accommodation, sport-recreational facilities, public services, etc.)
  • Purposeful reservation of areas having the new potential for tourism offer through the appropriate planning concept and radical change in the existing, mostly spontaneous, tourism development into the new concept of existing commercial activities and contents of more complex tourism offer; designing more attractive programs/products of current and planned tourism offer in order to attract domestic and foreign capital. Providing the extent and standards of services and public services (especially trade, crafts, health, culture, administration, etc.) in accordance with the simoultnaeus needs of both inhabitanst and tourists.
  • Planned technical – technological regulation, organizational and functional integration of the offer Complete longitudinal transport linking of tourism resources and contents (as well as of green corridor with promenades, pedestrian and cycling path), with the protection of Maritime zone and achieving public mobility along the entire coast, transversal transport linking;
  • Completion of technical infrastructure equipment in the function of tourism (transport, water supply, drainage system, energy and telecommunication installations, utilities used for eliminating waste, introducing green corridors and space).
  • Along the immediate hinterland of beaches in Čanj, arranging of a promenade pier has been foreseen, which continues toward Sutomore and borderline of Budva municipality into a pedestrian path, while the cycle path has been envisaged in parallel with it.
  • Expanding the beach as much as possible (by removing constructions placed at the beach itself) and planning additional space for outdoor activities through sport-recreational, cultural, entertainment and similar contents and quality pubic spaces
  • Rising the level of total spatial planning by emphasizing public utilization of space (developing squares, piazza, parks, pedestrian corridors, coastal promenade) and grading it from private through common to public utilization.



The GUP (General Urban Plan) for Bar envisages three plans that further elaborate the area of Čanj:

  • DUP (Detailed Urban Plan) for Čanj - about 82 ha
  • Location Study for Pješčine Site (urban plan) - about 8 ha
  • UP (Urban Project) for Dubovica - about 18.9 ha
    • GUP envisages tourism accommodation in tourism complexes - zones of higher density development for predominantly tourism purposes; and in tourism residences – zones of medium density for predominantly tourism purpose
    • Čanj is a distinctive tourism area at the Bar Riviera, a high-end resort according to the Tourism Strategy, mainly uni-functional, (tourism) and relies on the utility services of the Mišići community. This area is motivated by the quality of Čanj beach and its pleasant hinterland.
    • Queen's Beach, north-west of Čanj, will be preserved in its genuine form (with construction of a natural pedestrian access from the land). A quay promenade is envisaged along the strip adjacent to Čanj beaches, extending into a pedestrian pathway towards Sutomore and the borderline with Budva Municipality. A biking track is planned to run parallel to the quay and the pedestrian pathway.



LSL (Local Study of Location) "Dubovica I" is being produced for the Dubovica area along the border of the Municipality of Budva with the Municipality of Bar. The area is functionally integrated with a site of the same name in the neighbouring Municipality of Bar, as well as with the adjacent part of the coastal zone area (sectors 50 and 51).

The area encompassed by the LSL "Dubovica I", with the surface of 23.5 ha, should be planned, according to land uses from the MSP (Municipal Spatial Plan), for a tourism (hotel) complex of high category, with related amenities, specific Mediterranean vegetation and an adequate green buffer zone, to emphasise its exclusivity.

Taking into consideration the exquisite location of Dubovica in the hinterland of Queen's Beach in the inlet of Perčin, the Terms of Reference for the LLS stipulate the following guidelines:

  • Spatial planning and architecture should be appropriate for the Mediterranean, but free in expression.
  • In planning and positioning new tourism facilities and diverse types of accommodation attention must be paid to the conditions dictated by the terrain topography and existing vegetation.
  • Beside diverse accommodation facilities, other complementary recreational facilities and interior communications should be planned for the tourism complex in accordance with appropriate landscaping with minimum interventions;
  • With a view to the location exclusivity and future uses, it is anticipated that the floor area ratio should not exceed 0.3.

The provision of necessary infrastructure requires close cooperation of the municipalities of Budva and Bar and usage of available capacities.

In the planning document the "external" and "internal" infrastructure should be particularly considered, i.e. the traffic and technical systems to and within the tourism complex.


Other Planning Documents:

  • Spatial Plan of Montenegro (PPCG)
  • Spatial Plan of Special Purpose - Costal Zone (PPPN MD)
  • State Location Study "Sector 51 – Čanj" (DSL Sektor 51 – Čanj)


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Abstract from Local Study of Location Dubovica, Budva
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Abstract Urban Project Dubovica, Bar
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Urban Project Dubovica, Bar - Montenegrin language
Projects Open For Investments
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White letter by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism