Rivijera of Ulcinj

This small islet is of circular shape, and is 200m in diameter. It is 3.4 nautical miles (6.3 km) away from Herceg Novi. While the fort has deteriorated the island is still visited by boats, mainly from Herceg Novi, and is a popular one-day trip destination. The island beaches are very pleasant.

Rivijera of Ulcinj

Hotel BellevueThe hotel corporation "Ulcinjska rivijera" managing the hotels "Olympic" and "Bellevue" on the Long Beach as well as the naturist settlement "Ada Bojana" has been the main representative of tourism in Ulcinj for more than 40 years. The corporation "Ulcinjska rivijera" also includes two campings: "Neptum" on the Long Beach and "Ada Bojana" which has been incorporated into the naturist settlement. Each of these hotel complexes botn on the Long Beach and on Ada Bojana is situated nearby the beach, surrounded by beautiful parks and landscapes. The pleasures which can be offered to the guests here are peace and privacy, the clean sea and sandy beaches, a rich cuisine, a fulfilled night life and a high quality service.Hotel Olympic Furthermore, you can enjoy the sport offer of "Ulcinjska rivijera" with all kinds of sport facilities, as well as a large number of restaurants, terraces and bars, whereby the total capacitiy of "Ulcinjska rivijera" is 1600 beds. Not only the naturist settlement "Ada Bojana" but also the hotels "Olympic" and "Bellevue" on the Long Beach have been put onto the
tourist maps around the world.

Hotel Ada BojanaThe mild Mediterranean climate in Ulcinj with more than 240 sunny days a year makes Ulcinj to be a very attractive place for tourists during all four seasons, and the hotels "Olympic" and "Bellevue" on the Long Beach which streches along 12.5 km have got all the working conditions during winter too, so that these hotels are open throughout the year. The naturist settlement which is located on the island Ada with a 2800-metre-long sandy beach, is open for tourists from May to November.

The southernmost Montenegrin town presents a perfect junction of the east and the west, the modern and the historical, whereas the natural mosaic of Ulcinj with its variety which can enchant everyone, consists of the Adriatic Sea, the River Bojana, Lake Shas, the hundred-year-old olive trees in the Valdanos grove, the heavenly island Ada and the exuberant vegetation. Ulcinj is one of the most attractive destinations in Montenegro.

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