Valdanos Bay

Queen's Beach is 350m long and accessible only from the sea. It is a jewel of the Montenegrin Riviera, fenced with a natural hill of high sediment cliffs. For it's unusual beauty and very clean water it was a favorite place of the Montenegrin Queen Milena (1847 – 1923).

Valdanos Bay

Valdanos BayThe Valdanos Bay is located 4 km northwest of the town of Ulcinj. It stretches in the northwest-southeast direction in the length of 2500 m between the hills of Mavrijan (398m above sea level), Bijela Gora (327m above sea level) and Mendra (162m above sea level). Valdanos is connected to Ulcinj by a 4 km asphalt road and by 2 km of the Bar-Ulcinj highway.

The Valdanos Bay beach stretches in the north-east direction, it is 324m long and 11m wide, and it encompasses an area of 3564 m2. The Valdanos Bay beach area is classified as a natural monument according to the Decision of the Republic Institute for the Protection of Nature no. 30/68. According to the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) categorisation, this location falls into IUCN category III/V, which means that, according to its natural values and the category assigned to this location, in accordance with the Law on Protection of Nature, it falls into IUCN category III, and according to the current state and manner of management it falls into category V.

Valdanos BeachThe Valdanos Bay also represents a registered natural underwater archaeological site, where significant underwater findings dating as late as antique times could be expected. In the Valdanos Bay there is a military resort "Valdanos" which is no longer working.

The major purpose of making this planning document is, among other things, to ensure protection and sustainable use of natural and created resources as well as to increase the tourism and economic potentials in the subject area.

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